1. a conversation that rolls off the tongue
    one that continues and howls
    a moment that refuses to stop
    like a shower thats a little too hot
    not long lasting blessings momentarily astray
    a mosaic of simple days tempoaraily stay
    the question why? is all but halt
    as minds press control alt
    don't delete
    and let me remember, not to forget or dismember
    this memory of you
    be it dream or waking nightmarish seem
    let it be true
    like the day that soothes
    and just as the sun lit sky shines blue
    I believe, I believe
    I believe in you...

  2. surely so surly this civility grows burly
    a burden to bear, this hurdle i swear
    not the last surely
    careful, so careful to not bear
    the burden of care
    for where did you run in my moment of despair
    the moon so bright and the stars shown light
    to show you the sunset, nearly a frightful fight
    but in the sunset we soared as two crows in flight
    oh this burden, this burden
    this burden to bear
    this burden, this burden
    this burden of care

  3. The night is still but not tranquil
    A fallen angel clawing back to heaven
    Starlight peaking through the ceiling of darkness
    A long silence wrestles between the brief sounds
    A soul so black with solemn hubris he plans his tranquil attack
    Movement swift but not hurried
    A silhouette in the evening stillness
    His shadow dead but not yet buried