Sunday, November 3, 2013

what does it mean to blog?

This being my first blog, I ask myself firstly; why am I choosing to blog? Secondly, what does it mean to blog?

The answer to the first question is not as apparent as it might seem. It requires some reflection about the state of affairs my life has brought me to lately. How candid are these things anyway? How revealing are these about one's personal life? Is this the full dissolution of private and public life?

I choose to answer no, there is still a line between my private and public life. Surely, there will be moments when the private life creeps into this blog. However, not here and now, let it suffice to say that my writing has came to a point in which their desire to be read by the public outweighs their personal importance to me, and I therefore resolved to attempt to publish them. This being the easiest and most accessible medium of publication in the contemporary world, the blogging has begun.

Now to the secondary question, what does it mean to blog?

Blogging first and foremost seems to be the act of displaying ones individual expression to the global community vis-a-vis the www. But much more can be read into the phenomenon of blogging.

The internal psychological state of the blogger for instance. The very act of blogging, regardless of the content of that blog, reveals something about the psychological state of the blogger. But what exactly. Firstly, I argue that it primarily points to a desire to be heard. In so far as a desire to be heard is manifested by the belief that one has something of worth to say, then the blogger also believes they have something of worth to say. Now a desire to be heard is likely wrapped in a number of other psychological factors, however it is most significantly associated with the psychological attitude that ones personal expression, whether it be written, visual, or tonal matters and ought to be available for the entire world to observe and join into conversation with.

The central question thus becomes; what proportion of the indefinitely large number of blogs valuable enough that the entire world ought to have access to them? The next obvious question is; what set of criteria would we need to answer this question?

These thoughts will have to wait until next time, for now I am going to play in the sunshine. Hopefully this first post was a success.


~success always all ways~

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