Monday, November 25, 2013

Love, faith and the unknown

Recently I fell in love. I will go beyond the ends of the earth for this beautiful human being. Without serving any justice to the poetic nature of my enamored experience with this individual, here is a brief passage on a (probably confused) theoretical understanding of love.

Love is a leap of faith into the life of another, in this leap between the pillars of reason and judgment there is freedom. In fact the leap of faith is in some sense the only freedom to be found, it is where we temporarily step into the indeterminate realm of understanding, it is liberation from any preconceived notions, it is the truest expression of courage, because it is the willful determination to enter the unknown knowingly. Faith is the assent beyond belief, it is not necessarily unreasoned, but it is conscious in that there is a willingness to accept, that which may be unreasonable. Faith is more efficacious than belief and therefore more profound because it serves as a greater impetus for action. Faith often requires us to sacrifice, and alter many preexisting beliefs, habits and modes of existence. Love is requires these sacrifices most often.

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