Monday, November 4, 2013

an intuition to spirit

To answer the questions at the end of the last post. 1) Blogs a valuable if they are intended to be valuable and they are received by at least some as valuable. As far as I can tell, this is going to hold true for just about every blog out there. Since it would be rather perplexing if most people blogged without the intention of their posts being valuable. 2) By the answer to question one, we can see easily the answer to question two. The criteria is just ask the blogger and anyone who has read it if they perceived it as worthwhile.

A piece of the journey thus far

The past few months of my life has seen an unfolding of events that can appropriately be deemed miraculous.

It began with an earnest cleansing of personal values and deep commitments made to God during a spiritual experience, the details need not be told (inquire if interested). Determining these values began an integration of the self and the world around me. However, when the world is seemingly so disassociated with my values a sort of cognitive dissonance was created.

Freud defines the normal primary cognitive process as one that does not hold contradictions. Cognitive dissonance is just that, a set of contrary, even contradictory beliefs one simultaneously holds.
One the one hand is this newly integrated self, one the other is an entirely non-integral world. On the surface, the world we live in claims to be predictable, controllable and understandable, let us call this surface world the surface. But the surface, as goes without saying is entirely mitaken. The surface is manifested and makes itself apparent vis-a-vis the claims that we make about it. In so far as, what we as communicating beings of this world say about it, reflect at the bare minimum our perception of the world, and therefore a perception of the world, then other's claims may rightly inform my understanding that the world on the surface is like surface.

Now, moving to the deeper, non-surface world. Let me speak some about the nature of human and the non-surface world and the relation between the two. We must begin from the assertion, one that is grounded in contemporary physics and has also be aptly argued for throughout history, that the universe is infinite. Since the world is infinite, any predictions about its behavior will only be short-lived, any attempts to control it using finite methods will be in vain, this though is contrary to the surface understanding. Furthermore, we are infinite beings. Perhaps this means we have infinite particles in us, but that is not how I am intending for the concept to be applied. I am applying it first an foremost to thought, the life of the mind is infinite, it can never reach its own limits, because it has none. The infinity of the mind is compounded when we think collectively, but is of infinite magnitude individually as well. To illustrate this, imagine anything, now imagine that same thing with the tint blue, now imagine that same thing twice as large with a yardstick to compare sizes. We could play this thinking game ad infinitum. Thus, since the mind has no limits and we are fundamentally our mind, or soul, or thought, or whatever the popular nomenclature of the day is, we are fundamentally infinite beings.

This infiniteness is to a scale, yes there are scales of infinity, that privileges us with the possibility of a certain connection to the infinity of the universe, a type of understanding as to the determining effects of the causal structure preceding us and proceeding us. This connection is reached when we align ourselves with our own infinite structure, once our minds reach a certain level of self-awareness and willingness to adapt to external stimuli by way of pure intuition changing one's noetic structure without interference from personal preference, but from intuition alone. This alignment process, with the infinite self and the infinite universe surrounding us, further perpetuates itself.

This is one way I can describe what began to unfold for me as I furthered my own integration, this is one of the realizations I reached. This realization surprised the hell out of me, non-logical in many sense and non-predictable because of the intuitive nature of the mode of coming to know, and the vast assumptions needed to be made to even articulate the experience. But a deep visceral feeling has succumb me that these experiences are indicators of some interesting truths about reality. While this feeling may not give you reason to believe any of what I say, it does provide me justification for believing these things.

This is only some of the theoretical background one needs to step into my mind and begin to understand the path that has lead me here and the depth of serendipity that I am able to recall within this journey. To leave for some HW, I leave the reader with this affirmation of the infinity of the world and spirit.

The well of spirit is infinite, conflict both internal and external a brought about by the illusion of abundance and scarcity, when the world is in fact infinite spirit, there is no abundance, nor scarcity.

Boy monks in Bankok train station. They gave me a statue of Ganesh, the god of luck and travel. I was worried about my solo journey into the hills of Laos. 

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